How It Can Be...
*yawn* what to put here...?

1992|college|wish I were famous

You Can Read

You Can't Judge

Things I Wish I Had




Also I wanna say I love my girl one time cuz she saw how hard a nigga been working for school and she bought me the Sims 4!!!!

You’re a poli sci major AND you play Sims

Kelley who is this? She too happy in the tags. Simmer down, love.

I’m just a really big sims lover, I get extremely excited when I hear anyone else plays

One thing I just picked up about myself; I always said I wanted to be famous. Have all the glamor and fame.

But then I sat and thought in a room full of people as they spoke to their friends and as I tried to speak, I got no response or continuation of a conversation.

I learned about myself; I don’t want to be famous, I want to be remembered and acknowledged.